Improve Your Body Shape with Non-invasive Body Contouring in Lynchburg VA

Body contouring with Contour Light is a new LED light-based technology designed to non-surgically dissolve fat cells and cellulite resistant to exercising and diets. While Contour Light should not be considered a weight loss device, it can reduce inches around your waist, thighs and hips and remove unwanted, localized fat and sagging skin from your chin and arms. No incisions or needles are used during body contouring sessions with Contour Light.

How Contour Light Works to Eliminate Cellulite and Fat Cells

Over a decade ago, physicians in Columbia, South America found that exposing patients to a certain wavelength of red light before they underwent liposuction surgery allowed subcutaneous fat to be removed more easily. After performing additional tests, the physicians discovered that exposing fat cell mitochondria to this type of red light created temporary pores in cell membranes. These pores permitted cellular content (fats) to seep out and enter interstitial body areas, where they were swept up by the lymphatic system, sent to the liver and eliminated efficiently by the body. Further, patients who ate healthy foods, remained physically active and drank several glasses of water each day experienced measurable, dramatic results after only one red light treatment.

What Happens During a Non-Invasive Contour Light Session?

Delivering 100 times more light energy than other systems meant to dissolve fat cells, Contour Light is safe, painless and involves no discomfort, extreme heat or downtime. Your Genesis Health Solutions physician places light-emitting pads on problematic body areas for a short period to allow the LED light to penetrate and dissolve fat cells. After a 25-minute Contour Light session, you will stand on a Vibration Machine. Spending about 10 minutes on the Vibration Machine stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage to facilitate removal of fat and cellulite.

How Many Contour Light Sessions are Needed to See Results?

Many Contour Light patients notice results immediately. After a series of body contouring treatments, you may see a loss of at least two inches around your waist, hips or thighs, with some people losing more than five or six inches. Individual results will vary according to the amount of cellulite and localized fat you wish to remove, metabolism and other factors your physician will discuss with you during a consultation appointment.

If weight loss programs have not given you the shape you desire, please call Genesis Health Solution LLC today at 434-316-0001 to schedule a consultation appointment with or office to learn about the advantages to non-invasive body contouring with Contour Light.