After reading a humorous post on our GHS Client’s Facebook Page with a picture of a chocolate parfait, asking if someone could make the recipe out of cauliflower, Janet Lunsford took it as a challenge. While she didn’t use cauliflower, she did use one of our recipes and additional items to make a dessert she thought everyone would love. Janet worked hard to try and get the fat content right in order to fit into the plan, too. I can’t thank her enough for her desire to make a delicious treat for everyone for the holidays. This is what learning to eat healthy looks like! Taking your favorite recipes and exchanging out healthy ingredients to make a delicious alternative. For your special occasion holiday, feel free to use more whipped cream to top the parfait and more chocolate to drizzle. Thank you, Janet!



1 recipe of Genesis Health Solutions (GHS) Chocolate Avocado Pudding

minus the coconut oil (page 41 of your manual) or Blender Chocolate

Mousse on GHS website

1 Tbsp whipped coconut cream, sweetened with a couple drops of stevia

(can use organic heavy whipping cream, if you like)

1/2 Tbsp Lily’s chocolate chips, melted using a couple drops of unsweetened

almond milk (enough to be pourable)



In a parfait glass add 1/2 the chocolate pudding/mousse. Add a layer of whipped coconut or heavy whipping cream, then layer the remainder of the pudding. Top with melted chocolate chip “ganache.”  Enjoy!