We are often asked for recipes that are quick and easy on the run. Whether you are packing a lunch for work, traveling for work or even running after work and unable to make it home to cook, lettuce wraps are a great way to create a healthy meal with plenty of options. Tuna, egg or chicken salad are also perfect for even more variety. Applegate Farms turkey bacon is the only turkey bacon we allow on our program. Their ingredients are clean and their animals are antibiotic-free, given non-GMO feed and cared for properly. One serving of protein is 3 oz. of turkey. (You want approx. 20g of protein per meal.) Applegate Farms turkey bacon is 5-6g of protein per slice and a slice of turkey is about 7-8g, so you can mix your proteins to your liking. Use lettuce, onion and tomato, etc., to equal 2 cups for veggies or add veggies on the side. One serving also covers your fat for one meal.


1 Several large leaves of lettuce

2 Slices gluten-free turkey breast (Applegate Farms or Boar’s Head)

1 Slice Applegate Farms (only) turkey bacon

Add any of the following you enjoy: avocado slices, tomato,

red onion, black olives, pepper slices, cucumber

Drizzle with olive oil and red wine vinegar and sprinkle with

Italian seasoning or add a Tbs. of Primal Kitchen or Hellman’s

Organic mayonnaise



1 Large leaf of lettuce

3 slices Applegate Farm (only) turkey bacon

Tomato slices, red onion

Primal Kitchen or Hellman’s Organic mayonnaise


Cook the Applegate Farm turkey bacon in a stainless-steel pan in enough oil to coat the pan. Brown on both sides until crispy. Bacon will crisp up more as it cools.


Assemble protein choices and vegetables inside a lettuce leaf and wrap! If you don’t eat right away, pack your olive oil and vinegar dressing in a small container or jelly jar until ready to use to avoid a soggy wrap.


Planning is so important when it comes to eating healthy as a lifestyle. Having a small cooler, you can add ice packs/blocks, too. They are very helpful.


*As a side note on mayonnaise – there really isn’t a perfect option on mayo, unless you make your own. Most all use omega-6 oils that we do not prefer. However, if the product is organic, we will allow an exception over GMO industrial oils. Primal Kitchen products are made with Avocado Oil, which is a great option.